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Models in the escort sphere: who are they?
To date, the escort industry has become very well-known and in demand. And this is logical, because thanks to such services, most wealthy men can significantly simplify their lives.

Due to the fact that rich business men often have to attend important banquets, conversations and meetings, and according to etiquette they are supposed to come together with their couple, the escort sphere has become very popular. Escort services are the escort of wealthy businessmen by beautiful ladies at various meetings, business negotiations and important events. Many people confuse this concept with prostitution, which is a big mistake. Therefore, before thinking about something vulgar, let’s figure out who escorts are .

Escorts are girls who, for a certain monetary reward, make up a pleasant company for their customer—cavalier at various events in order to increase the level of solidity and importance of a man in the eyes of society. That is, these are trained girls with a pleasant and well-groomed appearance who portray the role of a wife, girlfriend or just a friend of their client. Working as an escort model, neither get a lot of money. But they invest most of their income in their appearance and self-development, because the more beautiful and interesting they are, the more clients they have and, accordingly, their income

Quite often, escort girls are offered joint trips, vacations or business trips by customers, where they also need to portray the appropriate role in front of colleagues and friends of the client. This is a great way to earn a lot of money without much difficulty. But the criteria for such a trip are a little reinforced: you need to be interesting, beautiful and sociable. You will also have to fulfill various wishes of the customer, which will be spelled out in the contract. If you are energetic, sociable and beautiful, then it will not be difficult for you to grow to the level of a VIP model and increase your income several times [url=https://escort-euro.com]luxury Madrid escorts[/url]

A big plus in addition to good earnings in the escort industry, you can note the presence of personal time. All work mostly takes place in the evening, and the rest of the time is completely free. Therefore, in the daytime you can do what you want and do your personal life. And in the evening — to make a pleasant company to the client at various business events, communicating with his entourage. This will bring you a good income and the opportunity to improve your quality of life.

Are there any requirements for working as an escort?
In order to start working as an escort model, you need to at least have a neat appearance. At the same time, it is not necessary to be an ideal, on the contrary, sometimes shortcomings significantly distinguish models from the rest of competitors.

The next requirement is a soft and accommodating character, as well as an active life position. It is much easier for such models to work in the escort industry.

Well, the last criterion is sociability. Sociable and energetic girls are always very popular. And knowledge of English will be a great bonus for employment.

COC’s Online Regenboog verkiezingsdebat 2021

5 februari 2021 @ 20:00

Wat gaan de Haagse politici doen tegen de stroom van geweldsincidenten tegen LHBTI’s? Vinden de politieke kopstukken dat scholen LHBTI’s mogen afwijzen of moet dat nou eens afgelopen zijn? Moet zogenaamde ‘LHBTI-genezing’ worden verboden? Over deze en soortgelijke kwesties vraagt...

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Dag van de transgendervisibiliteit

31 maart 2021

De Internationale Dag van Transgendervisibiliteit is een dag om mensen bewust te maken van de discriminatie waar transgenders wereldwijd mee te maken hebben. De dag vindt sinds 2009 jaarlijks plaats op 31 maart. De dag is verzonnen door activist Rachel Crandall...

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20 jaar homohuwelijk in Nederland

1 april 2021

Op 1 april is het 20 jaar geleden dat in Nederland voor het eerst twee mensen van hetzelfde geslacht trouwden.    

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